When did you last dine at Whitebox Eatery? *
When did you last dine at Whitebox Eatery?
How often do you dine with us? *
When you dine with us, is it usually for: *
The wait time to place my order was: *
The Service *
The Service
The cashier was friendly and patient when taking my order.
The cashier was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions about the menu or restaurant.
The floor staff was attentive and available when I needed them.
My food order was correct and complete.
My food was served rapidly.
Overall, I was satisfied with the service.
The Food *
The Food
The menu has a large variety.
The menu was easy to understand.
The quality of the food is excellent.
The food is served rapidly.
The food is served at the correct temperature.
Sauces, utensils, napkins, etc., were readily available.
The price of the food is reasonable for the quality/quantity.
The Restaurant *
The Restaurant
The outside of the restaurant was clean.
The interior of the restaurant was clean.
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